UCS 5000

Smart router. Media server. Unified. Simplified.

UCS 5000 is business aviations first all-in-one smart router and media server - combining powerful functionality into one system that orchestrates, manages, and delivers today's incredible array of connectivity, entertainment, and information services.

As a smart router, UCS 5000 dynamically manages multiple networks. As a full-function media server, it is your gateway to in-flight entertainment and file sharing. And with PBX functionality, it enables a full-featured voice experience. UCS 5000 is compatible with Gogo Biz® – so it supports Gogo® Text & Talk (use your own phone in flight). And it powers Gogo® Vision (in-flight entertainment that's on demand, at your command).

But UCS 5000 is more than just a management maestro, it's an operational marvel. It's small. It's affordable. It adds new features via software keys instead of hardware. And it completely reinvents updating: wirelessly and automatically.


  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi service
  • Single SSID for the cabin*
  • Wireless access point
  • Dynamically manages multiple voice and data networks
  • 3G/4G modem
  • PBX for wired/wireless handsets
  • Enhanced data compression


  • Optional Gogo Vision – On-demand movies, TV episodes, news, flight information, destination weather
  • Cabin file sharing and screen sharing*


  • Revolutionizes updating: wirelessly/automatically via 3G/4G or at any nationwide Gogo® Cloud location
  • Reduces box count and weight
  • New features added via software key

*Future capabilities


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