Airline Passengers

Airline Passengers

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Aircell Broadband is coming soon to American Airlines and Virgin America. Ask your favorite airline to add Aircell Broadband service by name.

On a plane, very few things are in your control. Aircell wants to change that by giving you the freedom to choose how your time is spent in flight. Connecting to the Aircell broadband service is simple, just open a browser and login or register through our inflight portal.

A Powerful Wi-Fi Experience.

Pricing will mirror what you would pay at any ground based Wi-Fi hotspot, and speeds will be similar to what you experience in your home or office with DSL.

This revolutionary new service will be available throughout the continental United States, from coast to coast and border to border. If your next trip takes you outside our coverage area do not fret, Aircell is currently in negotiations to expand into Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Way Beyond Broadband

Since this service is unlike anything that’s come before, Aircell gave a lot of thought to your needs. So when Aircell goes live in 2008, you will be able to surf the Internet, check e-mail, send attachments and log into your office network using your own Wi-Fi enabled device.

Aircell will offer an inflight portal catered towards your interests as a passenger. It will include everything from the latest news stories to travel guides and entertainment features.

This service was designed to make your flight easier, not more difficult. We have a thorough customer support system in place to help you.  Some of our support features include “live chats” with customer service reps, interactive demos, and intuitive directions and FAQ’s to help with enrollment, sign on assistance, and service usage.

If you like what you hear, check with your favorite airline to see when they’ll be offering the Aircell broadband service or register for email updates.