Gogo® OnePhone

Our latest innovation in cabin handsets.

Communications have advanced at breakneck speeds. So using cabin handsets shouldn’t feel like you’re going back in time. Now you can stay connected to your business, life and world with the new Gogo OnePhone.

Aircell’s proprietary technology provides exceptionally-clear sound quality. You’ll also enjoy business aviation’s most advanced noise-reduction technology.  And with its big, bright touchscreen display and Android-based platform—it couldn’t be more user-friendly.  It’s also available as a wired or wireless device.

With the Gogo OnePhone, staying on top of business and life when you fly is easier than ever.


  • Superior voice quality
  • Advanced noise-reduction technology
  • Large, bright touchscreen display
  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Android-based platform
  • Backed by Aircell’s #1-ranked product support team


  • Available for:
    • ATG 2000/4000/5000 systems (Gogo Biz®)
    • Aircell Axxess® II/EZ systems (Iridium®)
  •  Support for Aviator series systems (SwiftBroadband) – coming soon


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